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Mini Race Universal Mufflers

TOTALFLOW Mini Race Universal Mufflers "Bullet Style" - straight through performance exhaust mufflers constructed with stainless steel, our exhaust mufflers designed to allow for maximum free flow—and horsepower. Whether you have a true dual exhaust system or not, our mufflers will make you master the flow & the sound of your exhaust system giving you the max dyno results. Our bullet race exhaust mufflers, resonators or glasspacks can be used off road & can be a great addition to your on road super custom project. TOTALFLOW mufflers feature a straight through, perforated stainless steel core wrapped with stainless steel mesh acoustic material, making it the ideal mufflers for your next custom exhaust project, allowing for a free flow through the pipe with very little restriction.

  • Perfect for any custom exhaust project.
  • Minimal decibel reduction over open headers.
  • Comes with two options 409 or 304 stainless steel
  • Made from Heavy Gauge 100% fully welded stainless steel.
  • Light weight, compact size - will fit anywhere - perfect use for vehicles with limited space.
  • Free flow muffler, straight through perforated stainless steel core wrapped with stainless steel mesh packing only.


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