TOTALFLOW 414633 Dodge Ram 1500 Direct Fit Exhaust Muffler System

Manufacturer: TOTALFLOW
SKU: 414633
UPC: 816264025907

Stainless Steel FinishOne (1) Year Limited Warranty

Availability: Out of stock
Mild Interior Sound

Mild Interior Sound

Products specifications
Material409 Stainless Steel
FitmentDirect Fitment
Muffler TypeStraight Through Design
Muffler Inlet Diameter3"
Muffler Outlet Diameter2.25"
Exit PositionDual Rear Exit


*2009- 2018 Ram 1500 Trucks with 5.7L Hemi engine with factory dual tailpipe option.
*2019 Ram 1500 "Classic Body" Trucks with 5.7L Hemi engine with factory dual tailpipe option.


Does not fit trucks with factory single tailpipe or the 2019 new body Ram.

⚠ WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information please go to

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Nice product
Perfect fit
| 3/17/2020
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Great product and quality.
Love the product and my truck sounds great.Would like to ask if you have any sticks. Would love to pit one on back window. Thanks You
| 2/27/2020
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Great value and fit
Highly recommend, install took less than an hour, sounds is great and value is perfect. I saw a YouTube video about grinding a little post off to make it fit and once that was done, fit was perfect. Getting the old muffler out took the longest amount of time.
| 2/24/2020
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I was concerned that even the 18" muffler would be too loud when comparing it to the gigantic stock muffler. The sound is excellent. It is loud when taking off, very deep and noticeable around town, and silent while cruising on the highway. Perfect combination at an incredible price. - 2017 RAM Rebel
| 2/23/2020
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It is a bit short... but can be done
Ok. So here's the real deal. I saw a lot of comments about it being too short and the tips coming back under the bumper.... well it is in fact short. And then I saw people talking about buying wider clamps and different length rubber insulators because nothing lines up. So here's the deal... on my 2018 crew cab I got everything to work after A LOT of playing around with it all.
| 2/11/2020
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Perfect hemi sound
Perfect sound for a hemi, nice and smooth sound, not to loud
| 2/10/2020
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Great quality and awesome price.
Replaced my stock muffler for my 2014 Ram 1500 5.7 and it sounds great. I was afraid it would be too loud but it sounds deep and it’s only slightly louder than stock. I have the 18” version and I was hoping to get a sound slightly louder than stock but not overwhelming. Absolutely no drone in the cab and it sounds deep enough to represent a V8. 400 series stainless. Perfect fit and the stock exhaust tips lined up exactly the same.
| 2/8/2020
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Easy install 2014 ram
Fit perfectly 2014 ram 1500 hemi
| 2/4/2020
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It Fits
Packaging looked like the box was shipped across every bumpy road to get it to me. Pipe ends were a little bent out of round from that. Box was also tore open in places big enough to loose the clamps but they were all in the box. Simple install on my 2011 ram. If your rusty clamps don't come apart cut them with a grinder and cutting wheel. It might be easier to remove some of the clamps by removing the tail pipes. Dont be afraid to but the factory hangers off as this Muffler has them welded right on. Took me about an hour to install and the sounds is a little louder than stock and still sounds good under engine load. I would buy again.
| 1/4/2020
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Good for the money
This muffler sounds great but does have a couple short comings.
| 12/29/2019
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Damaged product
Havent installed yet. Product came damaged. Large dent on side.
| 12/28/2019
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Good Sound
The TotalFlow muffler gives my 2016 Dodge Ram Big Horn such a deep, aggressive sound, but it’s not offensive at interstate speeds.
| 12/20/2019
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Absolutely the best value Great Sound
Easy to install and the sound is unbelievable for the price of cannot be beat very little drowning inside the nun
| 12/14/2019
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Perfect fit.
Awesome I really like it.
| 12/14/2019
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Nice Muffler - Nice Sound
Quality of the muffler is great, nice welds and stout hangers. It has a good "muscle" sound to it, just right for what I wanted, you can hear it at idle and accelerating, but not too loud at cruising speed. There is a slight drone in the cab between 60-65 mph, but not bad. At freeway speeds of 70-75 the drone disappears. Install was easy, I used a little anti-seize on pipes and everything slid together nicely. Not sure what some complaints I saw in other reviews about rear pipes sticking in or out further than stock, was not a problem for me. No problems with the new clamps either, they were pretty much exactly like the stock ones. Re-checked the install and tightness of the clamps after a week of driving and all's good!
| 12/9/2019
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Perfect fit and sound
Installed on 2015 Ram 1500. Fit great and easy to install. Sounds perfect.
| 12/8/2019
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Some small modifications required
The sound of the exhaust is exactly what I was looking for. A nice growl on startup, a good rumble at idle, little to no drone while cruising down the road, and a nice agressive 8v roar when you smash the throttle. I would have given this muffler a 5 star rating however it did not come with clamps so I had to drill the tac weld off the factory muffler clamps and swap them to the new muffler. Also the factory muffler had notches at the inlet and outlet pipes to line up with the factory exhaust pipes, the new muffler had the notches 180degree off so I had to cut a small notch in all 3 pipes on the muffler to get them to line up. Both of these were easy to over come and for the price I didnt care since I have some experience in building exhaust system. Quality appears to be top notch as far and welds and finish. If anyone read all the way through this review the next thing you need to do is buy this product. Also the install took me 1hr
| 11/24/2019
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Good value
18 muffler seems well made time will tell install took a little longer than expected was hard lining up dual exhaust by myself I really like the sound no mileage gain or performance noted
| 11/23/2019
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17 Ram 1500 - excellent sound
Extremely happy with this. An outstanding high quality item at a good price. Sounds great on my 17 Ram 5.7L. Not obnoxious and not quiet, a good middle ground.
| 11/13/2019
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Quality product
Appears to be a quality product for the money, not excessively loud, nice sound at about half the price of factory and other direct fit exhaust.
| 11/12/2019
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Good value. Sounds great!
Good quality for the price. Nice tone (not too loud) and very little drone only occasionally. It’s hard to tell if it’s improved performance- maybe a little. I had a muffler shop install mine, cost $120. It took them about 1 hr total.
| 11/9/2019
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Sounds good - would not buy again.
First off - muffler sounds great. Few shortcomings in installation on a 2018 ram rebel. Stock hangers will not fit as it is not direct fit. After market Walker 35296 Exhaust Insulator corrected that issue. Also the clamps included are insufficient and result in exhaust leaking at all joints.
| 11/3/2019
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2017 Dodge Ram Big Horn Now sounds amazing!!
This install of this muffler was so easy. Once you get the OE one off it is all down hill. My truck now has that true Hemi growl. There is no drone at all. I installed it without my family knowing and when they heard me start up the truck for the first time they were loving it. Great value and great product!!
| 11/3/2019
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Easy install
This product sounds great. It was pretty easy to install.
| 10/25/2019
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Excellent fit, easy install, great sound.
I am satified with the product, easy install, and the sound is great, however i recommend that the packing should improve, box was ripped and re-taped all over.
| 10/22/2019
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Better than expected
Wow. Sound is awesome, let’s my Hemi sound the way it should. Hopefully the muffler lasts awhile.
| 10/13/2019
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The 18" muffler sounds great.
Not loud, just a little more deep tone when pulling up to speed but it can be very quiet when cruising at a steady speed. The price is much lower than the other "big name" mufflers but the sound is just as good as any on the market. As reported before in the reviews, the muffler assembly is about 1"/ 1.5" too short. It would be easy for the supplier to get the length corrected. It is not like that issue has not been reported before. Because it was an inch too short, I had to weld the leaks at the rear of the muffler because the OEM tailpipes would only slip into the muffler outlet pipes about 3/4 inch. That is not enough to get the alignment slots sealed with a clamp. After welding the tailpipes into the muffler outlets, and loosing as much tailpipe length as I dare, the exhaust tips are about an inch shorter than the original position. No reason that cannot be corrected by the supplier.
| 10/8/2019
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Goldilocks exhaust: not too quiet, not too loud... just right.
Kind of a pain in the butt to install but maybe I'm just stupid. I am super happy with the sound and price though. This is a mature sounding, drone free exhaust with an aggressive rumble on startup and hard acceleration but mellow and very easy to live with while cruising, passing through the neighborhood, etc. I did not notice any increase in power or fuel economy, but that's not why I bought it.
| 10/6/2019
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Remove tail pipes first.
Easy to fit, sounds great, good price, installed on 2016 ram R/T
| 9/26/2019
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Great product and reasonable price.
This is a great muffler. Installation was easy. Took a little to get the old one off, but new one slipped right into place. Very satisfied.
| 8/2/2019
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Affordable, Well Made
Well made Muffler. I had a Mufflex Muffler on my 2011 Ram, it uses a Magnaflow Muffler. This looks even better than that. Sounds great. I ground off the locating tabs off the tailpipes for better fitment. The passenger side seems to fit in a little more than the drivers side. I used Muffler Cement to help avoid leaks. The instructions recommend welding this into the other pipes.
| 7/24/2019
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Superb muffler, wonderful tone, 18"
This 18" unit has a deep tone that is not in the least bit overpowering. Sounds great in the cab and out, none of that "twenty-something" obnoxious noise here ... just a nice "old-school" rumble. It fit flawlessly in place of the stock 5.7L Hemi monstrosity. Was one of the easiest turly "bolt-on" muffler replacements to perform that I can remember. I gave all the stock muffler clamps/joints a a shot of penetrating oil the evening before I replaced it. To change out, started at the back removing the tips, pop off the rubber isolators, generously loosen all three muffler clamps and gave the tail pipes a good wiggle and out they came. Followed suet with the muffler, no problem thanks to the way Dodge has assembled their system, mind you, my truck is seven years old and here in HI. Slipped the new unit in place and reassembled flawlessly, about 45 min in it's entirety. Fit and finish are exceptional.
| 6/27/2019
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Silent and loud
Bought the 18" muffler. This aftermarket muffler is of good quality and is a step up from the stock in loudness. Driving around town you can hear a slight drone under light acceleration. However, I would say it lets people know you have a Hemi when you want them to know you have a Hemi. As it gets louder the hard you mash the gas.
| 6/25/2019
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Great for the price
So I have a K&N cold air intake and a tune that also deletes MDS. I wanted something that gave a little more noise so I can enjoy the drive and actually hear all 8 cylinders for once. The 18” I think is perfect, it’s definitely louder but I’m not gonna deafen the ricer at the red light, piss off the neighbors, or wake up the wife as I leave for work. Its a nice deep tone that you can appreciate in the throttle. I don’t get much drone if any in the cab. As for install it’s pretty easy, definitely easier with a second set of hands, you definitely do not need to waste money paying someone to do this. A 17mm 16mm and 14mm and some spray lube are all ya need. And a good tip is make sure you remove the tip pipes from the hangers almost completely, just make sure they’re even when you put em back. All in all great for the price.
| 5/12/2019
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Great product at a great price !
Very easy install, as expected. The Total Flow muffler sounds great and is exactly what I expected. The deep, mellow tone sounds like how a Hemi is supposed to sound but without being obnoxious. I can’t find anything bad to say about this muffler.
| 5/4/2019
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Great looking muffler
Muffler has just arrived. First impression is looks good. Muffler is same length as my stock muffler on 2012 Ram Hemi. It is a packed muffler but it is a straight through design. I am hoping that the packing will help with the cabin drone I am having with a different brand I have previously installed. I will update this review once I get the Totalflow installed.
| 5/3/2019
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Very Mello Tone
I got the 18 inch TotalFlow. I must say it is really nice. The value is wonderful. I had to have a muffler shop install as it can be tough to install on the floor. It lined up perfectly and the clamps work. First impression was wow!! Not very loud at all. Just a nice deep mello tone. I have a Longhorn Edition so I’m not sure if it has extra sound deadening but our toll road are 80mph here in Texas. I have the MDS turned off on mine as well and can barely hear it in the cab while cruising along. You are not going to notice any performance change with this product. I would recommend this muffler to any Ram owner just wanting to beef up the tone and make your Hemi sound like a Hemi with out breaking the bank!!!
| 4/25/2019
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Could be better fitment
Pipes could be a touch longer so the clamps dont cover clamping area without exhaust leaks
| 4/21/2019
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2016 Ram crew cab
I had been considering a competitors product until a friend showed me this. There aren’t a lot of reviews on it but the price was very good. I was wondering what the build quality and sound would be and I must say I couldn’t be happier. I wanted a direct fit for certain but wanted a nice mellow sound out of it. This is both. You can’t go wrong for the money. Very happy with this purchase. It mounted to the stock exhaust right in with no adjustments. The sound is as advertised, nice smooth mellow sound.
| 4/6/2019
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