TOTALFLOW TF-SS2424 | Universal Exhaust Muffler X-Pipe | ID

Manufacturer: TOTALFLOW
SKU: TF-SS2424
UPC: 816264022197

Stainless Steel FinishMay Require Welding JobOne (1) Year Limited Warranty

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Products specifications
Diameter2.25" ID | 2.25" ID
Center to Center5"
Material409 Stainless Steel
FitmentUniversal Fitment
Body Length8"
Overall Length12"

TOTALFLOW 409 stainless steel high quality X-Pipe is perfect solution for your current or next custom project.

  • Made from Heavy Gauge fully welded 409 stainless steel muffler.
  • Free flow muffler, straight through design.
  • Minimal decibel reduction.
  • Perfect for any custom exhaust project.
  • Compact size - will fit anywhere.

Safety Warning
TOTALFLOW® Recommends the installation of this product at professional facility.

⚠ WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information please go

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2.25 I.D.
"Hi seems like a quality part for the price for sure
| 2/5/2020
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I ordered this for a 1997 vortec 350. I’ve always hated the way these engines sounded as true duals. Mine would pop and crackle from the driver side, then stop and go to the passenger and back and forth. It was unbalanced and just sounded terrible. After I installed this, and mind you I didn’t put it anywhere in the ideal spot because I’m lazy honestly, it sounds really smooth, very aggressive and it did it’s job very well. I’ve already recommended this to my friends and some family. 100% I’m buying this for every exhaust I do from here on. And I’m not 100% sure but I think this is almost an exact copy of the flowmaster x pipe. Either way I love it. I’m giving it 4 stars because of the test of time. It’s been on for 1-2 months maybe. If I remember I’ll come back next year and update
| 1/4/2020
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great for the price
awesome sound great flow and easy weld in install. so far i love it
| 12/31/2019
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Good quality !!
I bought this x pipe for my 2012 Mercedes c350 coupe and upon receiving it was shocked how nice the welds were the pipe was a little small but over all really good quality no holes or bad welds definitely best bang for your buck
| 12/14/2019
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Good quality, possible turbulence
Great product but not as smooth inside as I thought it would be. Some turbulence situations will present inside the x. It is a very nice x pipe. I didn't install it due to it being too narrow of a gap and it not being needed in my setup.
| 12/2/2019
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Good buy
Good buy
| 11/18/2019
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Works great on my Nissan 370z
Excellent X pipe that can in perfect packaged condition. I had an exhaust shop remove the restrictive y to single to y section after the cats and before the dual resonators (Example: Cats to >------< Resonators) in my Nissan 370z Touring. I noticed less rasp from the exhaust and a bit more torque and power at the mid to high end range over 4,000rpms. Great product!
| 11/15/2019
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The pipes could be spread out a little more bot it works
| 10/29/2019
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Saves the day
Took a bit of fab work but got it in their
| 10/8/2019
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Good Quality
Very good quality X-pipe. Worked perfectly
| 10/7/2019
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Great addition to my dual exhaust.
I had true dual straight pipe exhaust on my 94 C1500, but it popped and crackled a little bit much for my taste. This product cleaned up the sound. I also noticed a gain on top end power with a small loss in bottom end torque. I dont think this product will truly shine untill my other modifications are made the the engine. I will try to update once they are complete.
| 9/21/2019
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Great product, came as advertised and works exactly how I wanted it to. The welds were great, exactly as advertised and the diameter was as described. Would buy again and would recommend !!
| 8/10/2019
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direct fit great product
great product for the price
| 7/17/2019
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Straight dual to X-pipe
Fit perfectly, mellowed out the sound on my 1990 460. A bit quieter, but still sounds amazing.
| 7/11/2019
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Worked great fit perfectly but seams lightly made. Did make my truck sound good like i wanted. Overall good buy. And on time shipping.
| 6/18/2019
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Excellent!! Absolutely love it definitely worth the money. Currently have a V6 that went into a single exhaust which I converted to true dual straight pipe. Added the X pipe it and it completely changed the sound and performance Noticed a difference in performance with the true dual conversion and a huge difference with the X pipe install. Would recommend it to anybody
| 5/17/2019
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Good x pipe
this is a great x pipe for the value, i put it on my car as a replacement for the mid muffler and made it significantly louder, and the only issue i had with it was rattling at idle, but that was the guard on my car and not the x pipe itself
| 4/17/2019
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Sounds Just OK
I bought this pipe hopes of making my 2013 Mercedes c300 sound a little bit better. The welds seemed to be very well done however it didn't make too much of a difference to the sound of it which made me a little upset. I am giving this 3 stars because it is a good product. However it wasn't really well executed for my use.
| 3/20/2019
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Wrong size but good product
Size is wrong, was supposed to be 2 1/4 it’s a little bigger that that. Seems like a very well built pipe though.
| 3/2/2019
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X -pipe
Great ×-pipe * ss constructed and the perfect size for my 72 duster
| 2/13/2019
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Works great and price makes it awesome!
Well made and went on very easy and no leaks. When your first start up it will smoke a little because of coating, but after first warm up it runs great. Also all seams are clean with no splatter from wields
| 1/17/2019
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Better than pricier products
Great product. Same as expensive x-pipes for 1/8 the price. Sounds great. Exhaust shop knows what to do to install.
| 1/9/2019
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Greatly improved exhaust scavenging
Good construction. Clean welds definitely helped with exhaust flow and scavenging. Helped low end torque in my 1995 bmw 525i. Best bang for your buck
| 12/21/2018
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Poor Fit - Returned
Measurements weren't close to what was advertised. Material quality seemed very good - it just did not fit
| 12/11/2018
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So far looking very good
"So far it looks just like the magnaflow that’s way more expensive. Magnaflow has a lip on the inside that hinders flow through it. This one doesn’t have that! This one just happens to be much less expensive. I’m gonna check the welds and also update after install. Putting it on an 08 Cadillac CTS 3.6 DI. Deleting the resonator with this.
| 10/17/2018
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Good quality
can recommend this
| 10/2/2018
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Built Very Well
Built very well.... Haven’t installed it yet, but I can’t wait....Will update review after the install
| 7/20/2018
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